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Hilton New Orleans Riverside
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  |   Team Building/CSR   |   Sustainability   |   Extra Benefits  

disclaimer swimming legal disclaimer examplesdisclaimer We make your TEAM BUILDING and CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY efforts in New Orleans inspiring.

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We're keeping the SUSTAINABLE and GREEN movements going strong in the New Orleans hospitality industry.

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We GO THE EXTRA MILE to bring everything together for a successful meeting experience.

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fleur de lis ** Assumes an average daily spend of $228 by each meeting attendee,
based on 2008 UNO Visitor Profile Study.
** This estimated primary economic impact for the city consists of funds generated by meeting attendees only, and is not a complete picture. Actual economic impact to the city will be much higher, as it includes spending by attendee guests and family members, vendors, exhibitors and meeting planners, not included here.

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For more information
Contact us to help plan your event:




       or visit our Online Meeting Planner

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